How to make a fold over elastic (FOE elastic) headband

How to make fold over elastic (FOE elastic) headbands using

You will need

16mm FOE Elastic and the following lengths depending on your size.
1. NB-4mths 12″-30cm
2. 4mts-12mths 15″-38cm
3. 12mths-3yrs 16″-40cm
4. 3yrs to adult 18″-46cm



Cut your fold over elastic to length and heat seal your ends with a lighter or candle.
Overlap your ends about 1cm and sew together you can machine or hand sew.
I machine sew with a zig zag stitch.



Take a small lenght of FOE elastic to make a interchangable headband. Seal the ends. Put a dab of hot glue on the back of the headband and glue the sealed end.



Rap strip around the headband so it sits flat and cut it to length and seal the end and put a dap of hot glue on the back and glue down.
You now have a interchangable headband. You can add a
flower, or ribbon hair bow.

With over 30 colours of fold over elastic (FOE) in Australia we can help with your headband making supplies or MCN’s.