22mm - 7/8" solid grosgrain ribbon

22mm - 7/8" solid grosgrain ribbon

Grosgrain ribbon Australia.

22mm 7/8" Wholesale grosgrain ribbon online supplier in Australia.  Vibrant craft ribbon online.


See our wholesale grosgrain ribbon for our 45 metre rolls on a spool.


Our online store can help with your hair bow making supplies, craft ribbon for sewing or stationery ribbon over 90 vibrant 



The quality and texture of our grosgrain ribbon makes it perfect for making hair bows like twisted boutique bows and korker 



We stock the finest quality grosgrain ribbon available!


100% polyester

Colour fast, 

Tumble or Drip- Dry


than 2% shirnkage, 

Machine wash/warm

Dry Cleanable 

Our prices are in meters.

1 metre = 1.1 yards.

Think Bowtique for your hair bow ribbons.