38mm - 1 1/2" solid grosgrain ribbon

38mm - 1 1/2" solid grosgrain ribbon

38mm Grosgrain ribbon Australia.

38mm Grosgrain ribbon can be used for cheer bows, hair bows, sewing projects and more.. 

Think Bowtique has a huge range of colours and widths we can help with most ribbon projects.

See our 
wholesale grosgrain ribbon for our 45 metre rolls on a spool.

We stock the finest quality grosgrain ribbon available!

100% polyester

Colour fast,

Tumble or Drip- Dry

Less than 2% shirnkage,

Machine wash/warm

Dry Cleanable

10 metres is 11 yards

Colours may differ with different monitors, please request a sample if you are unsure of the colour your require.