Chiffon flowers for your headband supplies.

Chiffon flowers for your headband supplies have arrived.  It’s flower heaven here at Think Bowtique.

These ruffled chiffon parisian flowers are my favourite. These 8.5cm flowers are ready for your to embellish with your favourite centres to create your own unique flower.  They come in 10 colours and look great with our fold over elastic to create stunning headbands.

parisian chiffon flower with no centre

13 new colours of chiffon parisian rhinestone and pearl flowers in a new style.

ruffled chiffon parisian rhinestone and pearl flower

 8cm Dahlia chiffon lace flowers in 6 colours add these to your craft supplies to create stunning headbands, flower clips and embellish bags, clothing or any craft project.dahlia chiffon laceflower 7cm Ruffled chiffon ballerina flower in 13 colours, perfect for your headband making supplies.  Create matching headbands with our fold over elastic (FOE elastic) and embellish the centres with our rhinestone buttons.

chiffon ballerina Collage5.5cm ruffled chiffon puff flowers are now instock in 6 colours and look great attached to a hair clip or clothing.

ruffled chiffon puff flower

 8cm chiffon pearl flower in 4 colours.8cm chiffon pearl flower 9cm lace flowers are now in 12 colours

lace flower in melon

9cm organza puff flower in 4 colours

organza puffs flowers.

Think Bowtique for your supplies