Crazy Hair Day Drink Bottle

Crazy Hair Day Drink Bottle


Crazy hair day drink bottle

We had crazy hair day at school this week and my son with short hair decided he wanted this drink bottle pouring from his head.  Well with short hair a pony tail was not going to work.  We had everything we needed except the long hair.  Grosgrain ribbon was the perfect substitute.

To make a crazy hair with drink bottle you will need.


Drink bottle




Plastic cup

Hot glue gun


First select the drink bottle you wish to use.  We went with a chocolate milk bottle.  For the milk we used cappuccino 16mm grosgrain ribbon 

To decided how long you need the ribbon place your bottle on a table just above above your headband and place your cup on the side.  You need to make sure your ribbon is long enough to hand inside your drink bottle and out into your cup.


Cut some lengths of ribbon.  I cut 6 lengths of 16mm grosgrain ribbon.  You could use more if you wish.  You could also use 9mm or 6mm grosgrain ribbon is you wish.  If you use the thinner lengths you will need more strips of ribbon.  There is no reason you couldn’t use satin ribbon if you have some of that also.


I also cut a piece of 38mm grosgrain ribbon and rolled it and dropped it into the bottle of the bottle.  It’s up to you weather you want to do that also.



Once I cut my ribbon lengths I hot glued each ribbon on top of each other.  I put the dab of glue to glue them together where I intended to glue the ribbon inside the bottle


Once you have glued your ribbons together feed the ribbon into your bottle and put some more hot glue and glue inside your bottle.



You can see in this photo where the ribbon is glued



You can now hot glue your drink bottle to your headband.  Then hot glue your cup to the side of your headband.  I also glued the ends of most of the ribbon inside the cup so they would not come out.



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