Create wings on a top with flutter trim

Create wings on a top by sewing flutter trim to the sleeves.


Adding a set of flutter trim to a shirt or single can completely change the look.  What can be a plain top can come to life with the appearance of wings.

Whether you already have a top you want to bring to life or you purchase a new top adding a set of flutter trim will bring themto life and turn your princess into a fairy.


To create wings on your top with flutter trim you will need

  • one pair of flutter trim
  • A singlet, shirt, romper or a dress to embellish with the flutter trim
  • pins
  • Sewing machine and thread

Once you have your flutter trim and top you will need to pin the trim to your top.

I am using a romper size 6-12mths.  I start at the shoulder centre mark the centre with pins.

I then pin the bottom of the flutter trim to under the bottom of the shoulder.

img_3349 Then work your way from bottom to shoulder centre with pins and gather a little as you go.  If you are using a larger size top there will be less if any gathering.

TIP.  I like to start sewing from under the shoulder in the arm pit and go from one side to the other.  Once you have pinned your top and work out if you will start from the sewing from the front or back.  I do one side from front to back and the other from back to front.  Once you put the top on your sewing machine you will see understand.

If you move your centre top shoulder pin forward about 5mm as you sew you will push it slightly back to the centre.

How Sew flutter trim to a top

Pull the front compartment off your machine to reveal the arm.  Because the top is so small you cannot feed the arm hole onto the sewing machine.  So I have undone the bottom of the romper and feed the top on this way.


Feed the top right up to the arm pit so you can start sewing.  Before you start check to make sure you don’t have any fabric gathered underneath.  Do a little back-stitch first to knot your thread.  I lengthen my straight stitch to a 4.  I also slowed down my machine if you’re using a pedal foot just go slow to start.

Do a couple of stitches then stop drop your needle adjust your gather under your foot, you may need to lift your foot and gather, put your foot down and pull your pin out and then continue to stitch.

Create wings on a top with flutter trim

Keep doing this stop start and a little turn as you make your way around the arm hole. Watch your shoulder top centre is a little off centre forward so as you stitch towards it and it will move back to the centre.  Remember to check under your top as you get around the top shoulder to make sure you haven’t gathered any fabric underneath that will get sewn when it shouldn’t.

Sew flutter sleeves on a top

Continue until you get back to the bottom of your arm pit.  Do another back-stitch to knot your thread.

img_3354Repeat with the other side.  Now you have a new top that you can wear as is or embellish with some fabric flowers or a motifs.


Thank you for reading my little tutorial on how I made this flutter sleeve top.  If you would like to share please use only one photo and link back to this page.  Pin it to save for later.

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