How to make a basic boutique bow.

How to make a basic boutique bow.

How to make a basic boutique bow

 You will need

 Ribbon satin or grosgrain ( We used double sided satin ribbon)

  • Sissors
  • Heat seal tool
  • Needle and thread and pin
  • Thread (we used crochet thread)
  • Optional embellishment for centre

We are going to make a double layered basic boutique bow.

You will need to cut the double sided satin ribbon to 1 length of 45cm and

1 length 50cm.  Heat seal the ends with a lighter candle, if making a lot you my find it quicker to use a heat cutting tool.






Take the 45cm length and fold in half and crease the fold with your finger.

How to make a basic boutique bow

Fold in half again and finger crease the fold as before.




Open your ribbon and you will have 3 fold marks.  These will be your guide.


I take my right side crease and fold it so it sits over the centre crease than fold the left side crease over the centre crease.  I make the angle of the creases sit at about 45 Degrees to the centre crease and pin the centre.  Your bow will look as the below photo.

I don’t think it matters if you fold left to right.  I am right handed if you are left handed it might feel easier to go left to right.

How to make a basic boutique bow

Now I pull up my left side edge and over lap the crease about 1cm, than right side and sit at 45 degrees and pin.  This will make the bottom bow a little shorter than the top.

If you want them the same size.  Fold your ribbon in half and than when you fold in half the second time leave a 1cm from the edge and fold and crease.

How to make a basic boutique bow

This is the top side of your bow with the pin in.  Have your needle threaded with knot ready.  I than hold the bow as below.


I than pull out my pin and pick up the needle and stitch it as below.  Do not pull your needle all the way though.


With right side up I take my crochet thread and wrap it around the needle so the thread sits on opposite sides of the needle.  Do a double knot and pull.


Turn the bow over and repeat on the back and than do a single knot and cut of extra thread.  I than pull the needle through wrap around the bow and tie off.


You know have 1 basic boutique bow.


Take the 50cm length and repeat the above steps.  You will now have 2 basic boutique bows.


Place the smaller bow on top and centre it.  I use a pin to hold in place.


With the pin holding in place a push through a threaded needle and stitch in place.  You can just hot glue them together.





You can just hot glue a length of 9mm ribbon around the centre to finish.  I have add some bling with our rhinestone crown embellishment.



Thank you for taking the time to read my tutorial.  If you would like to share please use a link to our page.


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