How to make a triple layer rosette flower.

Make flowers with satin ribbon

How to make a triple layer rosette flower from double sided satin ribbon.

How to make a triple layer rosette flower

You will need

Cut your 16mm double sided satin ribbon to 8cm long.

You will need –

8 lengths for the centre layer

10 lengths for the middle layer

11 lengths for the bottom layer

I did not seal the ends of the ribbon as they will be glue and covered with felt.  



Easiest way to show you how to fold the ribbon is with printed ribbon.  Fold over in half.


Then tuck the top ribbon behind and glue in place.


Fold and glue all your ribbon lengths as per the above instructions to create your petals.


Use 1 felt circle as a guide to make a circle.  Glue down your first 4 petals to make a cross.  Than fill in the spaces with the remaining petals.

CIMG3627You now have your first layer.


Place your second layer under so it just sits out a little and glue down.


Glue each petal down until you have competed the circle.


Repeat with your final layer.  You may need to trim your felt circle.


Here is the back of the flower as I start my final layer.


Continue around the circle and than glue a felt circle to the back and a rhinestone button in the centre.

How to make a triple layer rosette

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