Make a no sew elastic bookmark

DIY elastic Bookmark

I have starting reading again.  Must admit it’s been a while since I made time to read.  I am also looking for a bookmark and today thought I should make myself a pretty one.  One that will be easy to find and won’t fall out of my book.

Easy no sew elastic bookmark

To start with I googled the standard size of a book and it just happens to be the same size as the book I am currently reading.  6″ x 9″ or 15cm x 22.5cm.

To make an elastic bookmark you are going to need

  • Elastic
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue
  • flowers or items to embellish
  • Felt circles or oval for backing


DIY elastic bookmark

Before I started to make my elastic bookmark I folded my elastic around the front cover of my book with a 1cm or 3/8″ overlay.  Once cut my elastic is 48cm long.

I selected our 9mm fold over elastic to make this no sew elastic bookmark, then folded the ends of the elastic over with a 1cm overlap and hot glued the ends together.

Take your chosen embellishments and hot glue over the elastic join. For this project I am using our Elizabeth tulle puff flower and Dahlia chiffon lace flower

Quick elastic bookmark

Once you have glued your embellishments to the elastic turn it over and hot glue either felt circles or an oval shape to the back.

No sew elastic bookmark

Of cause I could not stop at one.  This one I used the double frill velvet elastic with an Annabell chiffon lace flower and added a little silver faux leather bow to the bottom.
Attach your elastic bookmark to the front cover and over the page you are up to.  While reading the book just flip the elastic over to the back of the book.  You won’t lose your bookmark and it’s easy to keep your page.
Your only problem might be your daughter deciding to use it as a headband.
Make a elastic bookmark
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