Make a satin ribbon bow

Make a satin ribbon bow.

I found a very pretty satin ribbon bow tutorial shared on facebook and just had to give it a go.

Make a Satin ribbon bow

Now the tutorial used 50mm ribbon but as I don’t have any I used 38mm Double sided satin ribbon for my first bow.

Then I had to try it with grosgrain ribbon, so I used 38mm grosgrain ribbon

Make a Satin or Grosgrain ribbon bow

For my satin ribbon bow I used two lengths of 38mm satin ribbon 35cm long.  I did find I had about an extra centimeter of ribbon and trimmed it back once finished.

After making the first the second was very quick to make.  I found it easier to use a hair clip to hold the bow as I did each step.

Make a satin ribbon bow


If you would like to give this bow a go you can follow the link to make a satin ribbon bow

If you need ribbon to make your bows make sure to visit the website.  You will find a lovely selection of colours.

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