Make a spike bow

 Make a spike bow with grosgrain ribbon


This pretty bow looks a little like a snowflake and would be nice on a soft fold over elastic headband for a Christening.  You can make it with any width ribbon you like.

Make a spike bow

 You will need

5 lengths of grosgrain ribbon 12cm long by 22mm wide


lighter to seal the ends

needle and thread with thread knotted.

Make a spike bowFold the end of you ribbon in half and cut on the angle.  Then seal with heat.  Don’t allow the flame to touch the ribbon.

IMG_0381 Open your ribbon and you have your first v spike.

IMG_0382  Now continue with both ends of all five pieces of ribbon

IMG_0383  Fold your ribbon in half to find the centre.

IMG_0384  Take your need and push it through the top side of your grosgrain ribbon to create two peeks and a valley as per the below photo.


 Pinch your ribbon together.IMG_0388  Pull your thread through and tie off and knot to hold the pinched ribbon.IMG_0389  Continue with all 5 lengths of grosgrain ribbon. Then sew each centre pinched ribbon together and tie off and knot.IMG_0392  You may need adjust the centre and pinch out along the grosgrain ribbon.  Once your have it sitting how you like.  Spray with starch fabric spray and bake at 110° for               25 minutes leave in oven to cool.  This will stiffen and hold your ribbon in place.


 Once you have baked your ribbon you can now embellish the centre and attach a hair clip to the backMake a spike bow

 When making a layered bow I like to make the spikes a different way to this bow.

If you would like to see how I make a spike bow for a layered bow read our post on how to make a twisted boutique bow.

How to make a twisted boutique bow

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