Make a troll headband

Make a troll headband these school holidays to keep the kids entertained.

Make a troll headband


This is a boy troll so no flowers or bows were wanted.  But if your making a girl troll you can add flowers or a bow or even both.


Lets Make a troll headband

What you need:


Fold over elastic



Make a troll headband

That’s it.  Now to make it easy I use the cardboard to measure my tulle.  My cardboard is 38cm long width doesn’t really matter.  So my tulle will be 76cm lengths.

I wrap my tulle around the cardboard and use the hair clip so I know which sided I started on.  I wrapped the tulle around to give me 20 lengths.

I used just over 15 metres of tulle in total.  You would need more if you want your troll headband to look more like a wig.

Make a troll headband The fold over elastic you will need to cut to size for the headband size you need.  If you haven’t make a headband before you can follow my instructions on how to make a fold over elastic headband

Take your tulle and fold it in half to make a loop.  Feed the end of your tulle over your elastic and through the loop.

Make a troll headbandPull on your tulle to tighten the loop.

Make a troll headband

Just like making a tutu only upside down.

Make a troll headband

Keep working your way around the elastic.  I didn’t go all the way around.

Make a troll headband I went a little passed half way.

Make a troll headband Then I made a hair tie with matching fold over elastic to gather the tulle and hold it up.  I also fluffed out the top.

Make a troll headband

Your troll headband is now ready for you to embellish with flowers or a bow if your troll is a girl troll.

This troll headband holds comfortable while your wild troll jumps around in their imaginary world.

If you don’t have the supplies you need you can find tulle, fold over elastic, fabric flowers and bows at Think bowtique to make your troll headband.


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