My first attempt at making a tutu. 2

How to make a tutu with a crochet headband.

My first attempt at making a tutu.  I must say it was great fun and I can already feel the need to make more.

I had googled a few tutu making instructions some were made with elastic, some with ribbon and some with crochet headbands.  After a little advise from facebook fans I decided to try with the 1.5″ crochet headband.

This is how I made a tutu with a crochet headband.

I cut a flap of cardboard box.  The size was 21cm x 42cm.  I decided that I wanted my tutu to be about 24cm long.  So I cut the cardboard to 21cm x 26cm and I kept the 21cm x 16cm for the crochet headband.

I placed the crochet headband on the 21x16cm cardboard and counted the holes.  This one had 30 holes.  If I am going to do two rows I will need 60 lengths of tulle.

Making a tutu with crochet headband

I have decide to make my tutu with 2 colours ivory and light pink.

I than took one of our ivory 6″ x 100 yd rolls of tulle placed the edge on the edge of the cardboard clipped it in place with a hair clip.  I marked the start edge with a dog clip so I would not forget which end I started at.  I than rapped it around the cardboard 45 times counting 1 each time I came back to the dog clip. Making a tutu with crochet headband

I than slid the tulle of the cardboard and cut along the edge that had the dog clip.

Making a tutu with crochet headband  I did the same with the light pink tulle only this time I only made 15 lengths.

Making a tutu with crochet headband I was a little worried about the tulle fitting in the holes, but it was not a problem.  I gathered the tulle up in the centre.Making a tutu with crochet headband Than folded it in half. Making a tutu with crochet headband  Feed the loop through the hole than pushed the tulle through the hole.Making a tutu with crochet headband I continued to feed the tulle through each hole working my way around the headband.Making a tutu with crochet headband  I than started on the second row.  This time I did one ivory and one light pink.

Making a tutu with crochet headbandI am very happy with how full it came.   My little model has on red undies, and it hide them pretty well.  I might try using two pieces of tulle at the same time for each hole and see how that looks.  You could also make the tutu much fuller by filling each hole with tulle.
 How to make a tutu with a crochet headband.Here is the tutu laying on it’s side. Making a tutu with crochet headband If you would like to have a go you can find the tulle rolls and crochet headbands on our website.  We also stock crochet tops, flowers and ribbons to embellish your tutu’s.

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Think Bowtique for your hair bow and headband making supplies

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2 thoughts on “My first attempt at making a tutu.

  • Penny Welch

    Looks great!
    I am so trying this, I have a princess that would love one or two…or more 😉 of these.

  • Jen

    That looks fantastic! I’ve been using your crochet headbands to make tutus for a while now, I love using them! The only thing I do differently is feed each end of the tulle through a hole each (having two ends through the same hole) until I’ve finished all the way around. Then do a single running knott finishing with a double knott when I get back to the beginning. Although your way looks much faster 🙂 great work Melissa!!

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