New chiffon flowers for your hair accessory or craft supplies have arrived.

New chiffon flowers for your hair accessory or craft supplies have arrived at

Think Bowtique.

7.5cm Printed ruffled chiffon ballerina flowers have arrived in 4 prints, floral and chevron along with 2 new solid colours.  We now have 15 solid colours Christmas printed chevron chiffon ballerina flower9cm Dahlia chiffon flowers in 11 solid colours and 7 prints are here for your hair accessories or craft chervon dahlia chiffon flower on double frill velvet elastic headband  7cm Tiffany chiffon and rhinestone flower have arrived in 16 solid colours and 7 prints.

The quality is fantastic with pearls and rhinestone sewn chiffon rhinestone and pearl flower on christmas printed FOE headbandIt’s so easy to create stunning hair accessories with our huge range of flowers,

hair elastic’s and rhinestone and pearl embellishments embellishments.

Think Bowtique for your hair bow and headband making supplies