Please help us to improve our business. 6

Please help us to improve our business.  Do you buy solid grosgrain or satin ribbons?  Please tell us why you do or don’t buy it from us.  If you don’t buy it from us what would make you change your mind?

Your advise will be greatly appreciated.

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6 thoughts on “Please help us to improve our business.

  • Erica

    i buy satin ribbon in big amounts for my craft projects as i get a fair few orders for them and need alot. i purchase it from ebay from a few different people because it is really cheap and its easy to scroll through and see all the different types/colours etc.
    I suppose for supplies its easy to go to ebay as its easy to find certain items whereas going through and searching through facebook pages takes too long.

  • Erica

    ok now that i have had a look at your page your prices are great also. I will write you up on my pin board so i can find you next time when im after ribbon.
    Hope my comments have helped you out.

  • Belinda

    I do buy my ribbon from you as you are the cheapest grosgrain ribbon supplier in Australia that I’ve found and your quality is next to none. I love ordering from you your service is quick and friendly. That is why I keep coming back. thank you.

  • Katie Crouch

    Yes I definitely buy solid grosgrain ribbon from Think Bowtique! The fact that you offer a lower postage rate when purchasing certain types and amounts was the biggest selling point for me! Other suppliers I have used have had set postage costs which can be a pain when only ordering small amounts, and when ordering off ebay, postage usually takes forever 🙁 Love that I can order and get the ribbon within a couple of days even though I am in perth! xx

  • Maria Olive

    You have a great selection, I love that you make things so accessible for people in the sticks and I wish I had more time to make more with the awesome stuff you have 🙂 If I buy stuff from anyone else it’s because I get a 5m multi pack, but I can get that from you too if I’m not lazy! Sorry not the critical info you are searching for I guess!

  • Mel Mckenny

    I buy 3/8″ grosgrain ribbon from you to line my clips. I love your colour range and the fact that I can buy a little or a whole roll of one colour and at a great price.

    Oh and you always deliver fast, so even if I run out I am saved!!!

    Mel xx

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