Ribbon storage

Ribbon storage ideas

Ribbon storage ideas


Storing your grosgrain ribbons , satin ribbons and headband elastic can become a problem as your supplies begin to grow.

At Think Bowtique we are trying to make that a little easier.  All our 5 metre rolls and some of the 10 metre rolls now come packed in a clear zip lock bag with a label of the colour number.

You can then stack your grosgrain ribbons neatly in a storage box or even a shoe box. Simply flip through to find your colour.

Ribbon storage ideas

Now here is the best part.  If you just pull a little of your ribbon out of the bag.

Ribbon storage ideas

Then with one hand gently hold your roll of elastic or ribbon in the bag with one hand or you could seal part of the zip bag so the roll will not pull out.  Pull out the length you need than snip the end and push the end back into your bag and seal.

Now your roll stays neatly in the bag and you won’t end up with a big messy coil of ribbons or elastic’s.

Storing ribbons & elastic

You can easily do this with ribbons or elastic’s you already have.  You can purchase zip bags from Coles or Woolworths and write on the bags with a black marker.

To roll your ribbons or elastic quickly you can roll with a drill.  Follow my easy instructions on how to roll ribbon with a drill.

grosgrain ribbon rolls Our 10 metre by 9mm rolls and our 45 metre rolls are on carded spools.  These can also be stored in storage boxes, a book shelf or even a small CD shelf. Reseal the tape on the end after each use so the ribbon will not unroll.

I have also found some more great ribbon storage ideas that I have saved on Pinterest

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