Attach leatherette bow to nylon headband

Attach leatherette bow to nylon headband

Attach leatherette bow to nylon headband

Want to attach one of our leatherette bows to a nylon headband and not sure how.  You could use a couple of options.

You could hot glue the bow centre to the nylon headband or you could sew them.  I am going to sew them together.

To attach leatherette bow to nylon headband

you will need

One leatherette bow colour of you choice

One nylon headband again colour of you choice

Needle, thread and sissors

Open your nylon headband against the back of your bow and take your threaded and knotted needle.  Push the needle through the nylon headband and under the bow centre.  When you push do it gently and it should push through the gap easily.  If you find resistance move your needle a little to the right space.

If you want to you could stitch it though the tail just be careful you don't push the needle through the front of your bow.

Once the needle comes out the other side pull your thread all the way through and push the needle back through the start again.  Do this a few times just like you would if you were sewing a button onto a shirt.  Then tie off and knot your thread.  I like to knot if a few times.


Once the headband rolls back up you cannot see the stitch.

You bow is now attached and ready to be worn.

I have also done a quick video if you would like to watch.

youtube video on how to Attach leatherette bow to nylon headband


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