Grosgrain ribbon petal flower tutorial

Grosgrain ribbon petal flower tutorial

Grosgrain ribbon petal flower tutorial

A new spin on an old style bow.
8 Petal flower Bow
This 8 Petal flower bow is made using the same petals as this flower below.
For this 8 Petal flower bow I used 8 white 38mm grosgrain ribbon petals and 4 maroon petals on the back.  The petals are reversed.
I cut the grosgrain ribbon to lengths of 12cm 

To Make this 5 petal flower you will need 5 by 7.5cm -  with flat petals

3" lenghts of 22mm grosgrain ribbon or double sided satin ribbon. You can use different lengths for a different look or add more petals.

Fold 1 length of grosgrain ribbon in half and stitch the cut edge as per picture with two hills and one valley.

 Continue with the next length.  Make sure your grosgrain ribbon sides face down.


   Continue until you have 5 petals.

   Join the first and last petal by stitching through the front of the first petal and pull tight.

   I like to do another layer of stitches around the back. Stitching through only the sides of each petal and pull tight again and double knot. This is the back view of the flower.

If you would like flowers with pointy petals.

Take you 3" length of ribbon and fold to make a right angle.

Now you fold the grosgrain ribbon on line in the last picture so the ribbon on the right is now sitting on the ribbon I was holding with my thumb. I place a dab of hot glue on the inside corner of the grosgrain ribbon to hold it together and than you stitch the base of the petal the same as above.  Or you can just fold over and press the petals in place and the stitch as per the flower above.  For the satin ribbon flowers I just fold and stitch.


I hope you find this grosgrain ribbon petal flower tutorial helpful and if you would like to share please leave a link to our page.


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