How to make a 3 layer 5 petal flower

How to make a 3 layer 5 petal flower

How to make a 3 layer 5 petal flower

 Make a 3 layer 5 petals flower with ribbon

This pretty flower can be made with 5 petals or if you find it a little hard you can make it with 7 petals.  Having the extra petals means you don't have to push open the centre of each petal.



You will need 5 pieces of 3cm, 5cm and 7cm lengths of grosgrain ribbon or double sided satin ribbon

Now take the 7cm length of grosgrain ribbon and run a bead of hot glue across the top and glue the 5cm length on top and the run another bead and glue 3cm lehgth.




Do the same on the other side so your ribbon looks like this. Run a bead of glue along the top inside of your craft ribbon and hold together.


For my secret weapon. I use a chop stick, you could use a pencil. Push the stick inside your center loop and push against it to flatten it.




You should have 5 petals



Put a blob of glue where the dot is.



Use tweezers to pinch together.



Keep going until you only have one left. Should be enough room for your last petal, if the gap is to big then use your stick to push out your center loops.




Put a blog of glue on both sides and push in your last petal.

Put some glue in the center to fill the hole and embellish your center, attach to clips or headband and your done.




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