How to make a ribbon wrapped Headband

How to make a ribbon wrapped Headband

How to make a ribbon wrapped Headband

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How to make a ribbon wrapped Headband

You will need

1 x 90cm of 9mm grosgrain ribbon,

2 x 2.5cm of 9mm grosgrain ribbon,

1 x 10mm plastic headband,

Glue gun,

A lighter, candle or heat sealing tool


Cut ribbon to length and heat seal the ends with a lighter, candle or heat sealing tool.

Hot glue the 2 short lengths to the ends of the 10mm plastic headband.




Than glue the long length horizontal to the plastic headband.





Just wrap it over the front.



Than bring it behind so you have gone around the plastic headband once.



Now you need to pull the ribbon to the angle you want to wrap your headband making sure the ribbon cover the first the first lot of ribbon you wrapped around.



Once you have your angle right you continue to wrap your ribbon around the headband so that the ribbon sit flush with each turn.



If you have a small gab between your ribbon, just push down on the ribbon towards the start of the headband. DO NOT OVER LAP THE RIBBON THE EDGES SIT FLUSH BESIDE EACH OTHER.



Now that your ribbon is flush just continue until you get the the end. Give it a push back as you go to keep it flush.



 Now at the end of your headband you need to change the angle of the last bit you wrap.


Pull the ribbon so it comes over hoizontal across the front and around the back.



Once around the back fold over and trim to length.


 Seal the end and hot glue down.



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