Make a sailors bow with grosgrain ribbon

Make a sailors bow with grosgrain ribbon

Make a sailors bow with grosgrain ribbon


Make a sailors bow with grosgrain ribbon

You will need

50mm grosgrain ribbon about 40 cm long

1 x 21 cm for the bow

1 x 18cm for the tail

about 5cm of 9mm grosgrain ribbon


needle and thread

a lighter to seal your cut ribbon edges (when sealing ribbon with a lighter the flame does not actually touch the ribbon, just close enough to melt your edge)

hot glue gun


Lets make a sailors bow with grosgrain ribbon

Decide on the colour of your ribbon to make a sailor bow and if you want the tails and bow the same colours or different colours.  Cut your ribbon to size and seal the ends of your bow.


Take your bow 21cm length and fold in half press seam with fingers to mark the ribbon.



Fold your sealed ends so they overlap the marked centre of your bow.



Now with your threaded needle stitch a wide stitch throw the centre of your bow.  This will create a hills and valleys in your bow.  Then pull your needle all the way through and wrap around the bow and tie off your thread to old the thread in place.



Now take your tail 18cm length of ribbon and fold over the ends of your ribbon at 45 degree angle and cut of the fold piece.



After you cut of your corner seal the edge of your ribbon with a lighter.



Repeat with the other end of your ribbon.




Now fold your ribbon in half and crease the folded edge.



With your threaded needle thread a wide stitch through as you did with the bow.



Tie of your thread but don't cut your thread yet.



Now place your tail up against your bow with the short side of your ribbon against the bow.



Stitch the two together.



With your 9mm grosgrain ribbon put a little hot glue on the centre back of your bow and glue one end of your 9mm grosgrain ribbon down.  Now wrap your ribbon around the bow and glue the end down and cut of your extra ribbon.


You now have a sailor bow about 3" or 9cm wide.  You could also follow these instructions and make the bow with leatherette.




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