Make Butterflies with grosgrain ribbon

Make Butterflies with grosgrain ribbon


These beautiful grosgrain ribbon butterflies are fun to make and once you start you will find it hard to stop at one.

You could add a hair clip to put in your hair.  Add one to a key chain and carry it around.  Put one on a split ring and attach to a school bag or even your luggage so you won't grab the wrong bag.

Make butterflies with coral rose grosgrain ribbon Australia

Love to gift wrap present, maybe instead of a bow you could put a butterfly.

You could put them on your shoes or a shirt or maybe a hat.

Make Yellow grosgrain ribbon Butterfly

Once you start making them you will put them everywhere, especially if you love butterflies.

make a butterfly with light blue grosgrain ribbon Australia


They reall are not hard to make and as I said once you start you will find it hard to stop.  With so many colours of grosgrain ribbon available you can make one in just about any colour.


Make butterflies with grosgrain ribbon Australia


These butterflies were made with 38mm grosgrain ribbon squares.  They could be made with scrapes of ribbon as you really don't need much ribbon to make them.

 Make a Grosgrain ribbon Butterfly

You can also make these butterflies with satin ribbon.  This one I attached a keychain to the ribbon centre.


Satin ribbon Butterfly

I found the instructions YouTube at the Hair Bow Academy you can find her instruction here on how to make a ribbon butterfly

click on the link if you wish to follow her instructions.


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