Make Satin ribbon Roses

Make Satin ribbon Roses

Make Satin ribbon Roses

Oh these satin ribbon roses are just divine.  Once you start making satin ribbon roses you won't be able to stop.

Make Satin ribbon Roses

I started with the light pink rose.  Made with 38mm double side satin ribbon

I used 18 petals.  Finished the flower is 9cm wide.

I just had to try this rose with our beautiful double sided rainbow ribbon.  This ribbon is 25mm wide so I cut the ribbon lengths to 7cm long.  This one I only used 14 petals.  This flower is about 6cm wide.

I couldn't stop, so I decided to make one using two colours of ribbon.  The above is just a bud.  It very easy just place two lengths of ribbon on top each other.

Now you might be asking how do I make this stunning rose.  The tutorial for this flower I found on another site you will need to translate the site as it is not in English or just follow the photo instructions.  How to make a satin ribbon rose.

If you need satin ribbon to make this flower we have a huge range of colours and widths in stock and ready to post.

Add a little sequin lace trim and some chiffon peony blossoms and embellish a top.

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